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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

I uploaded the finished game just now. It is lacking music (as was the original), since my sequencer has become unhappy with CTL3D32.DLL, but is otherwise complete.

I’ll test it in the morning. :)

Cancelled and Uncancelled

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

Yesterday, I announced on the RR forums that I wasn’t likely to finish the game in time for the competition, if indeed ever. I was feeling pretty negative about it, and had gone cold on the idea of doing the game at all.

A bit later, though, I decided I would spend one more day on it, and see how far I got. I would like to put something into the competition even if it isn’t really representative of my best work.

Today, then, was make-or-break day, and I’m pleased to say that, even after only a few hours, I have managed to do a good deal of the work, and am once again confident of hitting the deadline. It might not be that pretty, and will probably be a bit lacking in the sound department, but there will be a playable game from me in the competition.