More Tasty Badness

The second part of my bad game trilogy is now complete, and can be found at RR, in the forums, or here.
HoldSpace is a game of no skill, not requiring quick reactions and precise control. It was written in FreeBasic, and as usual I put too much effort into some features (it saves the highscore, and there is even a checksum to deter cheating, as if anyone would bother.)
Long Distance Runner was written in GM and clocks in at about 1.7Mb zipped. 50 games of that size would be a bit much, so I decided that my other Cassette 50 contributions would have to be smaller, and therefore written in other languages. The zip for HoldSpace is about 30k, although it does also use far fewer media resources.
Look out for Invaders from the First Dimension, coming soon!
That’s “Look out!” as in “duck!”, “run!”, obviously.

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