A New Hope

Okay, so I’ve upgraded the blog, and changed the rules about commenting, rather than deleting the lot. This was mainly because I wanted a similar setup over on my other site, but I might as well use it, as it’s here.
Today I finished work (pending bugs) on the latest fantastic Reanimation project: Long Distance Runner. It isn’t linked on the main site yet, but you can get it here if you’re really masochistic. It is a deliberately bad game for the second Cassette 50 collection, more about which when it’s done.
It doesn’t look like I ever linked my game for the first collection, either, but then I always meant to do more work on that.
I might try to get another one in before the 50 spaces are filled. Maybe written in D, for the hell of it. Long Distance Runner, as a GM game, is quite large if it’s going to be bundled with 49 other games, so any further entries will have to be tiny to make up for it.

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